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Does The Military Accept Felons?

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Each country provides employment to its civilians. Civilians can apply for all types of jobs. Jobs may be in the form of civilian employment or military employment. The military is a separate field where duty and discipline are given utmost preference. The constitution has its own laws regarding the military and the department has to uphold it. The main duty of the military is to protect the country and the countrymen.

Becoming a Part of the Cadre

A government career can be obtained by a felony convict in many departments, but some positions cannot be considered, especially in the law and justice department. Though, recently there had been relaxations in considering felons into government jobs, these departments are choosier in recruiting their cadre and with many men to choose from, it is not a necessity to look for an unsuitable candidate into its department where the nation’s security is at stake.


If the crime committed is very bad, his chances of getting into the military, become poor. If the crime committed is minor, his records may be overlooked. The military is one of the most important departments of a country and its restrictions are many and applicants are scrutinized closely before being recruited into the cadre.

Providing Security

Security can be provided only by responsible people and people feel secure only those who have good character and follow ethical practices surround them. Felony is a criminal offence which may range from serious crime such as murder to minor crimes such as small theft or drinking.

People may have felony convictions that are in multiple in numbers. Some may be on parole or probation or have charges pending. Some others may have six or more minor offenses in their records. As the military is considered as a privileged service that should not be tainted by any offense, the first priority is given to those with no blemishes in their past record.

The military has become more forgiving and certain records are forgiven. But, certain records cannot be overlooked in the best interest of the nation. Technology has changed the way war is waged. By using more of technology, there is less need for recruits and chances of allotting these limited posts to those with a bad profile diminishes proportionately. However, following the law, and cleaning up one’s life is a most welcoming change that any nation is proud about.

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